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Here at Transport Enterprise we offer our customers an extensive range of tail lifts; from column, tuck away and retractable tail lifts to cantilever and two tier tail lifts. Our team of experience engineers and fabricators have been build and install tail lift systems for over 30 years and are always available to offer advise and guidance on which systems fit for purpose and suits the design of your trailer. Each of these systems are checked and certified before your vehicle is released.


We can incorporate safety gates and ramps for rear and side access for most of our Tail Lifts.




Column tail lifts offer an efficient and compact design, which is perfect for use with smaller vehicle types as its compatible with the limited space beneath the vehicles chassis. These lifts systems are often installed on GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) rigid vehicle bodies, to allow for easy access and secondary distribution.




Tuck Away tail lifts offer a compact design that is perfect for vehicles with limited storage space. This system folds out and angle down allowing for easy access for loading and unloading by roll cages and pallet trucks.




Retractable lifts are one complete platform, which maintains a horizontal position and slides out from a stowed position underneath the rear of the trailer. This tail lift requires a long gap between the rear axle and the rear of the trailer and is not suitable for vehicles with a low chassis. This type of lift normally incorporates safety gates and ramps for rear and side access.




Cantilever tail lifts are designed and operate similar to Tuck Away tail lift as it has a tapered lip which angles towards the ground. This lip allows for easy access for loading and unloading by roll cages and pallet trucks. But instead of folding out from a stowed position, this lift form part of the rear closure.




A two-tier tail lift is designed specifically to be used with double-decker trailers, as the lift allows for easy access to both platforms and forms part of the upper rear closure.




When we release your new vehicle, we follow a stringent set of safety checks, ensuring your vehicle is road worthy. With our ISO 9001:2015 accreditation we make sure every Tail Lift is independently checked and issued a LOLER* certificate before it leaves our premises.

 * Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998



Our sales team are waiting to discuss your requirements and happy to give advice on what’s possible. Give us a call on 01455 285295 or drop us an email.



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