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Demountable Systems

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Demountable bodies are able to stand independently on integrated legs, this allows for the simple detachment and re-attachment of the body from the chassis of the cab.


Improve Your Productivity

This system enables you to significantly improve productivity and maximise efficiency, by better utilising vehicles and drivers.



Greater Flexibility

Demountable bodies offer greater flexibility in the warehouse, as an additional demountable body can be loaded and prepared in advance. While driver and vehicle are out on the road.



Reduce Hours & Overhead Costs

This system allows for a greater use of the drivers time and skills set, as there’s no waiting for the loading or unload of vehicles. Enabling drivers to make more delivers each day, increasing their productivity, reducing overtime and overhead costs.



Quick Turnaround

This also allows for a quicker turnaround of vehicles, therefore less vehicles and drivers are needed, as drivers can easily mount a preloaded body and, in a very short space of time, be back on the road delivering goods.



Ensures Safer Loading

Demountable bodies enable warehouse staff to plan the ahead, meaning less rushed loading, hence potentially less damage and mistakes.



Talk to an expert

Our sales team are waiting to discuss your demountable system requirements and happy to give advice on what’s possible. Give us a call on 01455 285295 or drop us an email.

Save Time and Money

You can save time and money ordinarily associated with moving from company to company throughout each stage of the construction process.

This is down to our unique ability to provide the complete construction process from concept to certification.






Bespoke Design

If you have something more unusual in mind we have considerable experience with bespoke builds with a team of engineers who love a challenge. To find out about out bespoke builds please email or call us on 01455 285295.



Painting and Sign-writing

Need more information on this and a call link to the painting and sign-writing pagEnvironmental

Increasingly there is pressure placed upon businesses to be more environmentally conscious and to take steps towards reducing their carbon.

ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 accreditation ensures every truck is independently checked and certified before release.



Type Approval

From 29th October 2014 new legislation requires all vehicle manufacturers to receive type approval to prove the vehicle is safe for road use Find out how Type approval will affect you.

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