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Curtain Siders

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Curtainsider Rigid Bodywork

Transport Enterprises curtain sided rigid bodywork incorporates an exceptional standard of engineering, utilising the latest computer aided design combined with many years of experience and listening to customer demands. Build and finish quality ensures years of consistent performance and with the minimum amount of maintenance throughout its working life.

By working closely with our extensive customer base Transport Enterprises has gained a wealth of experience in understanding the unique requirements of all Rigid transport operations and specialise in designing the complete product. Our sales and engineering team are on hand to guide you through every step of our vehicles features to generate the optimum performance for your business. While our in house graphics team can ensure eye catching finishes.

With a wide range of ancillary equipment to suit your operation, e.g. for the brewery industry, there are features such as CO2 bottle racks, plank stowage, sack trucks. Transport Enterprises are in a unique position to offer the total value added solution; catering for every requirement and maximising operational efficiency. Transport Enterprises has many years of experience in designing and building this type of bodywork with units operating efficiently throughout the UK.



Additional information

Built using the latest in CAD technology, all styles of bodywork are individually designed and manufactured to suit our customers’ requirements. With options for curtain construction including anti slash mesh, wear bands and load restraint systems and additional features such as our pre-stressed self-supporting roof, the company’s body work can give you the ultimate in load space versatility. Customers who operate in payload sensitive areas can also choose our lightweight aluminium Curtainsider.



Talk to an expert

Our sales team are waiting to discuss your curtainsider requirements and happy to give advice on what’s possible. Give us a call on 01455 285295 or drop us an email.

Save Time and Money

You can save time and money ordinarily associated with moving from company to company throughout each stage of the construction process.

This is down to our unique ability to provide the complete construction process from concept to certification.







Bespoke Design

If you have something more unusual in mind we have considerable experience with bespoke builds with a team of engineers who love a challenge. To find out about out bespoke builds please email or call us on 01455 285295.

Painting and Sign-writing

Need more information on this and a call link to the painting and sign-writing page.

Increasingly there is pressure placed upon businesses to be more environmentally conscious and to take steps towards reducing their carbon footprint. The freight industry is no exception.


Reduced Fuel Costs

An Aerodynamic Eco Sloping roof builds creates much less drag than conventional body builds. The reduced drag translates in to reduced fuel consumption.



Reduced Carbon Footprint

All plywood used in our trucks is responsibly sourced from FSC accredited forests, reducing the environmental impact before it even leaves our warehouse.

Features available

  • Extensive galvanisation throughout
  • Heavy Duty Sub frames
  • Optional Buckle less Curtain System
  • Optional, rapid access multidrop Curtain System
  • Optional Air Management Systems
  • Double Deck Options
  • Gull wing air operated deck systems
  • Greater body strength
  • Low maintenance
  • Low Profile Max Cube Bodies Available
  • Aerodynamic Eco Sloping roof available
  • All types load restraint systems
  • Up to 33’-00” unsupported load space with standard roof 
  • Lightweight build option
  • Plywood floor birch throughout and FSC accredited
  • 12mths std warranty 



Multi drop curtain system

The Transport Enterprises multi drop bodywork is an innovative solution to high Street multi-drop delivery situations., offering easy access curtain sided bodywork that has superb handling characteristics, especially suited to The curtain sides are smooth and taut, giving the impression of a solid sided body.


  • Rapid and restriction free access
  • Instant weather protection
  • No buckles
  • Less susceptible to damage
  • Simple, effortless operation
  • Captive curtain doors
  • Minimise drop time
  • Minimise casual pilfering
  • Optional anti-vandal panels
  • Low maintenance


ISO 9001:2015

ISO 9001:2015 accreditation ensures every truck is independently checked and certified before release.



Type Approval

From 29th October 2014 new legislation requires all vehicle manufacturers to receive type approval to prove the vehicle is safe for road use Find out how Type approval will affect you.

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